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Top 20 Global Cities In Demand Among Chinese Buyers

Updated: Sep 3, 2019


Zushi, Japan? Greenwich, Connecticut? Read some of the surprising findings revealed by our data on the Top 20 places that Chinese Property Buyers are searching on, the leading luxury real estate marketing and data services platform for affluent Chinese reading property consumers.

10785.jpg is pleased to bring you this one of kind data driven report analyzing the Top 20 Global Cities drawing interest from Chinese Property Buyers. The report was generated from millions of online searches by Chinese investors in Q3 2014.

At the top of the list are the following global cities:

1. Hong Kong

2. London

3. Los Angeles

4. New York

5. Paris

But what's most interesting are the cities that come next.

The data provides some interesting findings: both Zushi, Japan and Greenwich, Connecticut, for example, made the top 10 list. Why? Both places are within commutable distance to global financial hubs (Tokyo and New York, respectively); both provide a peaceful and tranquil setting to raise a family and both enable the purchase of larger homes at a fraction of city prices. We see this new trend more broadly with Chinese property buyers seeking out secondary cities near major metropolitan areas and venturing beyond the traditional 'comfort zones' of markets like Hong Kong, London, New York, etc.

The report, generated from millions of monthly page views on during calendar year Q3 2014, provides deeper insights into current and future Chinese International property buying interests and trends. Our “Top Chinese Interest Pathways” from origination to destination, provide an overview of each of the Top 20 target cities along with the Top 5 Chinese origination cities, from where searches were generated.


For more information please contact:

George Varvitsiotis, Managing Editor

8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Floor 11

Central, Hong Kong

(852) 9660-8043

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