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Search closes material growth capital raise!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019, a wholly owned brand of PropGO has just closed a material Private Placementinvestment round!

“We are thrilled to announce the closing of a material growth finance round to further expand our market leading real estate media and solutions platforms ( and powers online real estate for The Financial Times (, The New York Times Chinese Editions ( and more of the world’s top global media companies.

Only our media network can offer access to over 20,000,000 affluent property consumers monthly, feeding over 40,000 international luxury real estate agents and developers with a steady stream of high quality leads.

PropGO is excited to let our readership know that we have closed a material funding round with key partners that will help further accelerate our rapid growth. Expect to hear more announcements about our new innovative product launches, expanded media partnerships, and more of the world’s leading agencies and developers subscribing to our platform.

Coming soon…. will be launching a revamped site that will raise the bar we set for global luxury real estate even higher.

Providing our platform to real estate agencies and media companies will always keep them “state of the art” and we have invented a whole new category in online real estate marketing and solutions services called “Media as a Service” (MaaS).

PropGO will not only transform the way real estate is marketed, but also tip the balance of power from the traditional media portals back to the real estate agencies and developers they rely on for their content.

Some may call this model ‘disruptive’ (this may be the case for traditional real estate portals who intentionally have ‘divided and conquered’ their single agent clients); We just think it makes good business sense to provide our Agency and Developer clients with the tools they need to make their agents more productive, help them generate more in-bound business leads, and execute on more revenue generating real estate transactions.

Unfortunately, Real Estate Agency and Developer enterprises are just now starting to realize that their Agents are logging into other property portals websites and software, and not their own agencies software. Many property portals are seen as intentionally driving a wedge between the Agencies and their respective Agents. Many property portals have slowly, but surely become more relevant to the Agencies brokers than Agencies themselves. Agents are also unknowingly but willingly providing their valuable data to the property portals (who charge them for this privilege), and the Agencies are finding that they have to go 'hat in hand' to the property portals to buy their own agents data back.

We believe that Real Estate Agency and Developers who do not provide their agents with a market leading Media as a Service (MaaS) solution that addresses their own individual agent's needs; then those real estate enterprises will simply become irrelevant to their own agents. Their Agents will simply leave to go and work for other Agencies that will provide them with the 'state of the art' tools they need to be successful.

Furthermore, many property portals are actively considering going that last mile, and becoming 'quasi' digital real estate agencies themselves. Many property portals already have a critical mass of 1,000's or 10,000's of disparate single agents using their media solutions; this is a serious threat to many Agencies very existance and most Agencies are not even aware the market situation they now face.

Simply put: If real estate agency enterprises do not act swiftly and adapt and evolve to the new world order then they will certainly become extinct.

We at PropGO are singularly focused on helping our real estate agency and developer clients fully understand the current market situation, and give them a clear competive advantage by providing our clients with a marketing leading 'Media as a Service' solution which will tip the balance of power squarely back where it should always have belonged: with our Agency and Developer clients and not the local property portals they now depend on.” says George Varvitsiotis, Managing Director of

For more information about this article please contact:

Lawrence Lo at

We are Hiring the best and brightest!

Due to our rapid expansion we will be hiring aggressively at all levels (entry level, mid level, and senior level) in the following departments: IT & software development, Customer Care, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Accounting.

We offer extremely generous compensation, stock options, and incentive packages to the right candidates.

Please submit your resume and cover letter directly to:

Mike Lee at

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